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Refresh, De-Clutter and Relax

Maximising storage and minimising clutter in the bedroom is a trend that will continue into 2013. In most homes space is a premium, and with the ‘don’t move, improve’ trend showing no sign of slowing down, it’s important to make the most of every millimetre available.

The growing trend for maximising space encourages you to embrace both the ordinary and extraordinary spaces in your bedroom to ensure that storage space is explored. Sharps has a philosophy that any gaps at the sides, on top or at the back of wardrobes are dead space and can be easily solved, revealing hidden storage space in any bedroom.

Sharps’ collection of custom-built fitted furniture systems and interior storage solutions allow you to achieve a streamline, clutter-free look. Even awkward areas such as over the head bed space can be maximised with solutions such as Sharps’ modern bed bridge, which runs all the way to the ceiling and sits flush with the surrounding wardrobes, ensuring the additional storage fits in perfectly with the rest of the bedroom. This sleek storage area is ideal for books or personal bits and bobs you want to keep put of sight and out of mind. The discreet touch-close doors help to minimise the presence of this additional storage potential.

With every Sharps bedroom there are an array of Inside Space storage solutions –from a cascade shoe storage solution which holds up to 64 pairs of your heels, to long hanging space for evening gowns and luxury drawers for you all fashion accessories, there is a clever solution for all your favourite items.

With Sharps all your clutter will be thing of the past and you will be able to enjoy 2013 in the most organised way possible.

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