If you’re looking forward to spending some quality time with your child this half term but are not looking forward to the inevitable mess that will ensue, fitted furniture is the perfect storage solution to ensure that all of your little one’s treasured toys have a home.

Flexibility is key. For many children their bedroom also doubles up as a playroom or homework zone, therefore maximising on space is imperative. Our cabin bed does just that – with designated areas for bedroom storage such as: clothing, play items and even desk space – every aspect of your child’s life has a particular place, helping to reduce the clutter and chaos in their room.

It is important that fun remains at the heart of a child’s bedroom. Therefore, it is great to incorporate a child’s hobbies or latest obsessions into the bedroom – whether that be an easel for painting or an area for reading. If reading is a passion of your child and a key part of their bedtime routine, the cabin bed has the option of down lighting to enhance this activity, which can be built discreetly into the stylish yet practical bed bridge solution.

Children grow and change really quickly and so too can their likes and dislikes. With this in mind, it is a good idea to opt for neutral colour palettes when decorating their domain. Whilst a bubblegum-pink scheme may be perfect for a younger girl, it may not be as appealing to a teenager.

When it comes to bedroom storage, Flexispace is the perfect fitted furniture option and has the durability and flexibility to be a permanent feature of the bedroom, making the most of every millimetre of available space. Flexispace incorporates a range of bedroom storage options which can be easily adapted as your little one grows – whether it be triple hanging rails for all those lovely little outfits that you just can’t resist buying, or masses of shelving space for the fashion conscious teen. As their clothes get bigger and their shoe collection expands, you can simply adjust the rails, shelves and other Flexispace components with an allen key to suit their changing requirements, so making the most of your space is simply child’s play.

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