In an attempt to escape the daily pressures of modern life, a key trend for bedroom design this year takes us back to the simplicity of nature to create a tranquil sleeping space.

Gathering inspiration from natural materials, this trend combines the pure softness of wool and cotton, with the added detail and texture of woven canvas and wicker. Layering these textures brings interest to the room without the need for intense pops of colour.

Calming tones of cashmere, pebble and blush for walls and bedroom furniture work beautifully together when contrasted with simple dark floor coverings like deep wood or slate. Fitted wardrobes will help to give the appearance of higher ceilings and create the feeling of space in smaller rooms as belongings can be neatly stored away.

Natural lighting is a must for this trend to retain the true colours of this muted earthy palette. Avoid lighting with warm glows and instead opt for daylight bulbs – you can also make the most of natural brightness from windows with sheer window treatments and fitted wardrobes with large mirrors to reflect light and create a fresh and airy ambience.

Bold patterns and artwork don’t play a big part in this trend, with a single graphic printed rug or cushion being all that’s needed to add interest. Simple black frames, with grey scale photography can help to break up a large plain wall surfaces but simplicity still remains key to ensure a feeling of calm. 

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