Selfies? That’s so last year. The latest trend to take Instagram by storm and to be embraced by millennials all over is the ‘shelfies’ trend.

The camera-snapping craze that is becoming ever more popular centres around showing off what’s on your open shelving units.

From books to vinyls and ornaments to succulents and family photos, what once was perceived by some as ‘clutter’ and was stored away out of sight of visiting guests has now become a favoured interiors style in every area of the home.

Open shelving can add an interesting focal point to a room which shows splashes of your personality. Whilst a minimalistic Scandi style will always remain a key interiors trend, displaying your treasures and trinkets is rapidly becoming the new ‘in thing’.

Furthermore, with stacked shelves now being viewed as art installations in their own right, you can combine the hobbies of collecting and photography harmoniously. They’re also the perfect solution in kid’s rooms to display everything from their latest artwork, much-loved toys, sports trophy or bedtime reading – creating a company personalised display of their achievements and passions.

You can easily achieve this style in your home and there isn’t a rigid process to follow – simply display your treasured items in whatever fashion you desire and get snapping so that you can share your stuff socially!

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