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For many of us, an uncluttered, spacious bedroom is the ideal. Not just because it looks calm and ordered, but also because it’s more than just a place to sleep - it’s a place where you should be able to relax and unwind. Bespoke, multi-tasking furniture and space saving tricks are the key to fitting all of your belongings in a room where space is at a premium. Below are some great ways you can get more storage space into your bedroom!

Bedroom 1

Wall-to-wall, Floor-to-ceiling

If your space for a chest of drawers, shelving and wardrobes is limited, why not build high and wide to maximise your bedroom storage. Fitted wardrobes can really make the most of this space unlike traditional wardrobes, which are often a last-minute purchase that may or may not be in keeping with your room’s aesthetic. Bespoke wardrobes seamlessly fit with your room layout and include all the storage you need for your clothes, out of season pieces and even those rarely used items! Another option to consider is sliding door wardrobes. When opened, they don’t encroach on any vital bedroom space, so work perfectly as a space-saving solution.

Bedroom 2

Under-bed Storage

You can’t look past under-bed storage when it comes to saving space in a bedroom. It’s simply one of the smartest and easiest ways to add masses of storage without it cluttering up your room. Many beds nowadays already come with pull-out storage boxes designed to fit, but if yours doesn’t, there are ways that you can replicate this idea. Why not get your DIY hat on and elevate your current bed and add some boxes or baskets underneath - a money and storage saver. You could even get some boxes tailored to the dimensions of your bed to slot exactly into the space underneath, so not an inch is wasted! It would be a great place to store all of those shoes perhaps? Under-bed storage is also perfect for kid’s rooms. Why not build a cabin bed which will provide all the space you need to keep those clothes and toys neatly stored away.

Glamour Cabinets

If you love makeup and accessories but are running out of space to stash them all, then it might be time for a bit of reorganisation. Why not think about introducing a glamour cabinet to your room? They can be built to fit any size or shape room and will create one harmonious place to store and display all of your cherished cosmetics. A handy tip for organising your beauty belongings is to consider using drawer dividers and acrylic stands; which not only look good but neatly display your cosmetics so that you’ll never lose your favourite lipstick!  

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Multi-tasking Features

If you’ve got the time, why not customise your bedroom so it’s multi-functional. You could create some shelving that doubles as a home office desk or install some modern hanging light pendants either side of your bed to replace the traditional bedside lamps – it will also free up some vital space for other bedside essentials! Or, if you have the space, swap your bedside units for a large low-line chest of drawers that will double up as somewhere to keep all of your possessions.  

Bedroom 4

Hooks and Hangers

If you’re fed up with coats, bags and scarves living on your bedroom floor, then it’s probably time to put your walls to good use. Invest in a few well-placed hooks and shelving units to help your floor and surfaces stay uncluttered. These don’t have to be constrained to just coats, bags and scarves; perhaps your overflowing necklace collection could be hung off a few staggered height hooks or if you’re putting up shelving, make a feature of it by draping some pretty fairy lights – giving your bedroom a warm subtle glow.