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John Lennon once imagined a world in which there were no possessions, but for many of us such a harmonious, tidy vision of the future is an unlikely notion. In reality, items of clothing, children’s toys and other necessities for which we are loath to sacrifice space can all too quickly clutter the home. And for small box-shaped bedrooms, finding space to hide away such essentials can often be difficult.

Bedroom Storage Solutions

For bedrooms that offer very limited storage space, the importance of making the most of every nook and cranny is paramount. When space is at a premium, there are a number of storage options to consider.

Fitted Wardrobes – a fitted wardrobe makes the most of the available space in your bedroom without sacrificing on functional space. Unlike traditional wardrobes, which are often a last-minute purchase that may or may not be in keeping with your room’s aesthetic, fitted wardrobes are custom-made to fit seamlessly with the shape and size of your room, making it more appealing and practical. And because fitted wardrobes can be fit floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, more available space can be utilised for storage. Within a fitted wardrobe, numerous drawers for jewellery and items of clothing can be integrated, as well as shelving and a myriad of hideaway storage solutions. The result is a fully functional and compact storage area that works around the shape of your bedroom.

Glamour Cabinets – for those with a penchant for accessories and makeup, glamour cabinets provide the ultimate storage solution, comprising a luxurious pampering area complete with mirrors, lights and plenty of storage space. Like their fitted wardrobe cousins, glamour cabinets are integrated into your bedroom, providing a dedicated area that is built around the shape and size of the room.

Storage Solutions for Children’s Bedrooms

As many parents will attest, a child’s bedroom often becomes the most cluttered area of the home, becoming a dumping ground for toys, games and stationery. Finding space for such items, let alone clothing, can be tricky, but there are a number of space-saving solutions that parents can consider, even for small or box-shaped rooms.

FlexispaceSystems – this is a unique solution for maximising the space in your child’s bedroom. Similar to a fitted wardrobe but designed with children in mind, Flexispace areas boast a range of storage solutions which can be adjusted as your child grows. Hanging rails and shelving can be altered to make room for larger items of clothing, and can be shifted around to make way for new belongings as children grow out of their old interests. Flexispace storage systems can be built into rooms of any shape and size, utilising every available area whilst allowing the room to grow and adapt to your child’s development.

Fitted Cabin Beds – unlike traditional cabin beds, fitted cabin beds are built into your child’s bedroom to maximise available space. They can be integrated with a number of storage solutions, including cupboards, drawers, open shelving and even a study area with room for a computer. Cabin beds are perfect for cramped bedrooms, providing a complete storage and study area for your child, without encroaching on their living space.

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