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Specially created to fit more in


At Sharps, we specialise in making the most of every millimetre of space in your bedroom. In many instances we can give up to twice the space (100% more) than you get from freestanding wardrobes. In some cases you can get even more than that.

How does Sharps give you more storage?

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Watch our video that shows how our bespoke wardrobe design gives you so much more storage space

In a recent Sharps survey, we chose 40 Sharps bedrooms and looked to compare the amount of storage space that we had provided compared to the “average” freestanding wardrobe

In this survey, we found:

On average, Sharps provided 95% more space than the customer could have achieved with the average freestanding double or triple wardrobes.

In the worst case scenario, Sharps only gave 48% more space. In the best example Sharps gave up to FOUR times as much space.

The amount of additional space that was given, will vary depending on the size and shape of the room.

12 shelves and hanging


•  All data was taken in November 2018

•  The average freestanding wardrobe was determined by taking typical double and triple wardrobes from some of the leading suppliers of freestanding furniture in the UK. A broad cross-section of price levels was considered in this selection.

•  The average width, depth and height was taken across this sample and used to calculate the average “internal storage space” that is provided by the average double and triple wardrobe.

•  A random selection of real Sharps bedrooms were chosen. For each room, we calculated a) the space provided by Sharps, and b) the space provided by the optimum combination of (the average) double and triple wardrobes.

•  The space provided by Sharps and the space provided by the freestanding wardrobes was then compared to highlight the Sharps benefit.


See our before & after photos


Use the carousel below to see before and after photos that illustrate how a Sharps bespoke fitted wardrobe uses all the space available to maximise your storage 


Free standing wardrobes in alcoves can generate a lot of wasted space, especially if you would like a chest of drawers as well as hanging space 


Our beautiful Sherbourne range in white is one of our most popular ranges with an elegant design that compliments a period property


Sharps can maximise space with wall to wall hanging rails, and can also offer long hanging as well as shorter hanging with drawers underneath


Sloping ceilings can create a big waste in storage and can also make the furniture look over crowded


Our Milan range has a stepped edge design for a simple and effective look, shown here in Oak


Sharps bespoke wardrobes can match the contours of your room to completely maximise space


Shallow chimney breasts also offer a missed opportunity and using freestanding furniture can look cluttered


We can also offer glazed and mirrored doors to finish the look and style of your room


Sharps can build shelving in front of chimney breast to give a sleek look that maximises storage  


Find out more about how Sharps can give you more space

If you’d like to discuss how a Sharps fitted wardrobe could benefit you, enquire online and we’ll call you to arrange your free home design visit. Alternatively, give us a call to arrange a free home design visit over the phone.