Spare room? Transform it into a stylish walk in wardrobe

The Johnson's Walk in Wardrobe in Stone.

Moving into a new home without a single cupboard or wardrobe in sight, the Johnsons had fitted storage at the top of their list. Wanting to transform one of their spare bedrooms into a stylish, walk in wardrobe, they turned to Sharps.

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Leaving behind Sharps wardrobes in their old home, The Johnson’s had their hearts set on bringing Sharps into their new abode too, wanting the same fantastic value for money. So, they booked a home design visit with us to find out what we could do. Mrs Johnson recalls: “We had a few rooms done in the old house and loved them. We’re loyal, returning customers!”

During their home design visit, the Johnson’s Sharps designer, Ben, asked what they were after. Mrs Johnson already had her mind made up: “It’s every woman’s dream to have a walk in wardrobe”, she told him. And being experts at bringing dream wardrobes to life, Sharps came up with the perfect solution. The Johnson’s master bedroom was on a mezzanine floor just above their spare rooms, so transforming one of them into a walk in wardrobe seemed ideal: “It’s the perfect place to have a walk in wardrobe as it’s just a few steps away”. And as there was another spare room next door, they had the option to fit matching his and hers walk in wardrobes.

Once a walk in wardrobe in the spare room was decided on, Ben found out exactly what Mrs Johnson wanted to store in there: “I counted all of my shoes and long dresses so that we’d have enough room for everything. And I wanted to display my handbags rather than hiding them away in the bottom of the wardrobe”. By finding out Mrs Johnson’s preferences, Ben was able to design a bespoke walk in wardrobe that was perfect for her.

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