Stash those January sale items in style


Stash those January sale items in style

If you over indulged a little in the January sales, started to hijack your other half’s side of the wardrobe and would like to avoid the inevitable ‘when will you ever wear that again’ discussion, then read on.

Do you dream of having everything you own (including the items on your spring/summer wish list) completely organised and de-cluttered to perfection? Dream no more – we have the answer. Thanks to Inside Space, it’s nearly impossible to lose anything again with so many tailor-made storage options for all your bits and bobs, handbags and frocks.

So, if you want to devote a whole wardrobe to the love of your life – shoes – you can, just choose the new floor to ceiling ‘Cascade’ shoe rack. Alternatively, if your shoe collection still has a way to go to meet Imelda Marcos’ standards, Inside Space also offers wall mounted shoe racks, pull out wire shoe racks and slide out shoe shelves for the bottom of your wardrobe.

Long and short hanging spaces are available so you can group together your work attire, summer clothes, winter coats and party outfits with ease. Accessory addicts can also take advantage of even more storage space, as there’s also a combined window seat and drawer unit featuring internal jewellery trays and drawers – perfect for maximising remaining floor space.

There are also some clever solutions for men, including pull out shelves and trouser racks, wire drawers and linen baskets. Luxury glass fronted drawers with tie and belt drawers are all available for his additional storage needs. What’s more, Inside Space is Sharps’ new common storage collection available with every single bedroom range – from the brand new Boutique design to the versatile Highline sliding wardrobe system.

For more information, visit the storage solutions page, or click here to arrange a free design consultation. Alternatively, visit your local Sharps showroom or call 0800 9178 178.

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