One of the latest interior looks that combines both style and crafting, is the artisan trend. Taking shabby chic to a whole new level, this quirky style appears to be growing ever popular.

The crafting boom in recent years has shown that there is still a real want for unique, hand-crafted pieces that add a sense of intrigue to an interior scheme. The artisan interiors movement centres on combining hand-made, one-off ornaments and furniture to provide real character to your home.

Whether buying unique pieces at a crafts market or having a go at creating your own treasures and trinkets, with the artisan trend there are no limitations. From upcycling an old dresser with a fresh coat of paint, to creating your very own decorative ornament, this trend allows your creative juices to flow and your personality to shine through.

When determining a complementary colour palette for the artisan trend, look for rich browns, deep reds and denim blues for a classic warm look, reminiscent of the 1970’s. Weaving in tribal and Aztec prints will provide a contemporary and bold twist to the scheme.

Texture is also imperative when creating eclectic artisan appeal. Whether buying home accessories or creating them yourself, look for items that have been hand crafted from natural materials such as rustic wooden tables and soft woollen rugs. Vases made from terracotta will complement the rich artisan colour scheme and will also add to that natural, hand-crafted feel.

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