Antony's Story

The Brief

When Antony Bowen and his wife, Lucy, first started thinking of selling their traditional 1920’s three-bedroom semi in the summer of 2014, they wanted to ensure that it was as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

And that meant making the best of the awkward second bedroom. Which, due to a combination of a chimney breast and sloping ceiling, meant that the double bed was pushed into the corner underneath the slope, leaving room for only a small, freestanding wardrobe
at the opposite side of the room.

Antony Bowen

Antony Bowen
Aged 37
IT Support Worker

Job Summary

  • Awkward shaped room
  • Chimney breast
  • Sloping ceiling
  • Lack of storage
Utilising the chimney breast in the design was the key to maximising storage and the 180° door hinge will help Antony and Lucy access the sloping wardrobe easily. At Sharps
Before Image
The second bedroom was never a problem for us as we only used it for guests, however we were worried that potential buyers who wanted to use it as a full-time bedroom may be put off by the AWKWARD LAYOUT and LACK OF STORAGE. Antony Bowen

The Solution

After a quick call to Sharps, Antony booked his free home design visit. The bedroom was designed by Colin Wilkinson from Sharps who worked with them on a new room layout, creating the perfect solution to their needs.

The result was stylish, fitted Sherbourne wardrobe doors, built on Sharps’ front frame system, stretching from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling across the chimney breast and alcove area. This maximised the space inside, creating room for the clever storage solutions detailed below.

After Image
After Image
  • Ceiling high storage, built into slope to optimise space.
  • Shoe storage built in front of chimney breast.
  • Door with 180 hinges creating easier access and more bed to wardrobe space.
After Image

How we did it

Antony and Lucy’s designer worked closely with them to transform their room into a stylish, practical space that no potential homebuyer could resist. Firstly, he advised them on the selection of the Sherbourne range, as it fitted in beautifully with the tranditional style of their 1927 built home.

Then he created a five-door run of wardrobes, stretching right across the chimney breast and alcove area, and fitting neatly into the sloping ceiling, so it looked as if it had always been there.

How we did it
How we did it
  • By positioning doors 280mm in front of the chimney breast, there was space to create narrow shelving, perfect for storing Lucy’s large shoe collection.
  • The use of a 180 hinge on the end cupboard door allows easier access to this corner cupboard by opening flat against left hand door.
  • The corner and top cupboard doors are sloped to work with angled ceiling.
  • Crystal bar door handles

    Crystal bar door handles

  • Lamp Shade

    Lamp Shade

  • Bed frame

    Bed frame

  • Bedding


The Finishing Touches

Antony and Lucy’s second bedroom was transformed by their Sharps bespoke fitted wardrobes, and they loved the additional space that had been created so much that they decided to stay!

Here’s a list of the finishing touches and suppliers the couple used to complete the look.

Handles: Sharps Crystal Bar Handles
Internal Spot Lighting: Sharps
Lamp Shade: Laura Ashley
Bed Frame: Ikea
Cushions: Dunelm

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