Turning a corner with bespoke fitted wardrobes

Ann Clayton lives in her seaside flat in Truro, Cornwall and embarked on finding the perfect wardrobe for her guest bedroom.

She thought the awkward angles of the walls would stop her from maximising the space - that was until she talked to Sharps.

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Ann tells us about her fabulous experience from showroom to bespoke fitted wardrobe. “We were in the Sharps Truro showroom and I was chatting to the showroom lady, explaining that my flat was relatively new with hardly any straight walls. She didn’t seem phased by that fact, which I originally thought would complicate any design, and arranged for a free home design visit.“


Ann’s designer came out and created a spare bedroom to be proud of, fitting the wardrobes and chest of drawers around the unusual contours of the room (and those not so straightforward walls!),maximising all available space beautifully.


“I knew that I wanted everything behind doors, with hardly anything on show,” Ann told us. “I wanted space for hanging, a place to store books and a TV and also some drawers incorporated into the design.” Ann’s designer was happy to oblige. “A bookcase was a really nice touch, and I love the fact that it’s hidden away. I also opted for two bedside tables that match, and a chest of drawers which is also fitted to the wardrobes and the wall.”

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