Wall Stickers – How they can brighten your bedroom


Wall StickersA new trend is sweeping the interior designer world – wall stickers. Once upon a time stickers were the stuff of parents’ nightmares. Children would collect stickers from magazines, the dentist, wherever they could lay their hands on them, and stick them all over the walls and furniture resulting in stains and chipped paint when said parents attempted to remove them.

However the sticker is getting a revival, and homeowners are clambering over to get their hands on the latest wall candy.

Wall stickers are one of the most popular methods of brightening up your bedroom as they are easy to apply, can be removed without a trace once finished with, and most importantly can make your room totally unique.

The designs available have rocketed over the last 12 months with many companies supplying wall stickers in all patterns, colours and sizes to suit everyone’s tastes. For example, these ballet and butterfly stickers would be perfect for your little princesses’ abode, or how about cars and cowboys for a young boy?

If you wish for your room to be slightly more sophisticated, we love these red poppies to add a pop of colour to a neutrally decorated bedroom such as our Pure range, and this Parisian skyline for a touch of continental chic.

Or if you fancy something a bit quirky, how about Elvis, King Kong, or jelly babies adorning your walls?

These stickers are particularly great to use on a blank canvas that you want to make you own, so why not get your hands on some and start customising!

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