What your bedroom says about you…

Your bedroom holds a very important place in your life. It is where you relax, where you get ready for a glam night out, or it may even be where you do your daily exercise. Whatever you do in your bedroom, it should be a reflection of your personality.

For those who are energetic, and always on the go, perhaps you would expect to find a bedroom of similar style, combining bright walls, vibrant printsand eclectic storage areas. We think our Metropolitandesign would suit a city party girl down to the ground.


What your bedroom says about you…

On the other hand, there are those who believe their bedroom should be a serene hub of calm; those who wish to retire to their bedroom at the end of the day, sink into a comfy bedfor a peaceful slumber in a relaxing, tranquil space. Our Ascentand Madrid designs are sure to transform your bedroom into your own calming paradise.

Some prefer a touch of glam sophistication, and when they return from cocktails and late lunch, would appreciate Boutique,an achingly stylish design combining dramatic wardrobes with cool chrome edges.

Perhaps the more virtuous amongst you can boast of being impeccably neat and organised. What better feature for them than Sharps built-in storage solutions, with enough shelves, drawers and rails to satisfy the needs of any shopaholic? And if tidiness is not your thing then don’t feel this option isn’t for you – in fact, it could be exactly what you need!

Whatever your personality, your bedroom can be designed in just about any way to suit your tastes, and personalised to make it your own.

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