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Doors & drawer fronts


Doors and drawer fronts are made in a variety of high quality, modern materials depending on the collection. 


Our premium Real Wood Collection consists of doors with solid wooden frames combined with real wood-veneered centre panels. This combination ensures a good solid door which won’t warp over a period of time.


The doors of our Signature and Essence Collections are made from deep router grade medium density fibreboard – a modern material highly valued for its profiling properties. This is finished with a high quality vinyl wrap to give a very durable, high quality finish.

Cornice, plinth & pilasters


Decorative details are most commonly made from medium density fibreboard as this super durable modern material can be perfectly profiled in a design to match the range.

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Rustic Oak

Side panels and facings 


When making bespoke wardrobes, the side panels and facings are cut on site by the fitter to exactly fit the dimensions of the room. For this reason a high quality particleboard is used as it is the very best material for the job.


Unlike solid wood or fibreboard, this can easily be cut around intricate details such as skirting boards, coving or sloping ceilings and compared to some products it produces less dust on site, which is a real benefit to customers. The particleboard is coated in either a real wood veneer or a melamine face to perfectly match the doors.



When it comes to the materials used for a Sharps bespoke fitted wardrobe, a lot of thought has gone into it. We use the best quality, most practical and robust materials for the job in hand. Below is a breakdown of which materials are used for the individual parts of our wardrobes.

3   Real Oak

Real wood

• Materials used in our Real Wood Collection are solid wood and real wood veneers
• Ideal for those who love the unique grain, look and texture of this most natural and beautiful of materials
• Superior timber is sourced from sustainable forests
• Premium grade solid oak or walnut is used for drawer fronts and door frames.
• Larger sections of the furniture such as side panels and centre panels are made from particleboard which is covered in a real wood veneer. This provides a matching finish to the solid product, while ensuring that the product doesn’t warp over a period of time
• Traditional mortise and tenon joints used on drawer boxes
• In the Real Wood ranges, the drawer boxes are made from the finest quality 8mm solid beech


• High quality, deep routering fibreboard is used on the doors in the Signature and Essence collections
• A modern material, valued for its ability to create a smooth routed and detailed design
• Extremely solid and robust, this material is ideal for large furniture pieces because the board doesn’t warp or change shape
• The deep router grade board allows for the board to be profiled with a high finish
• Material meets European forestry sustainability standards

Fibreboard 1
Fibreboard 2
Particle Board V2


• Particleboard is used for the parts of the furniture which are cut in your home such as side panels and facings
• It is covered with a material to match the doors including real wood veneers in the real wood collection, and melamine in the other ranges
• It is the best material to use on site as it is lightweight, it cuts easily and cleanly and doesn’t produce as much dust as to other materials
• Highly controllable modern material, can be precisely cut around covings, skirting boards and period features, ensuring a perfect fit
• The highly adaptable nature of the board allows side panels to be scribed right up to the walls, leaving no ugly gaps
• Particleboard doesn’t warp or distort over time ensuring that the product keeps its shape
• Material meets European forestry sustainability standards

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Time lapse

Take a look at our timelapse video showing exactly how a walk in wardrobe is custom made and crafted for you from the ground up.


Nothing is flat pack, every walk in wardrobe is custom built and hand crafted to meet your needs. These fitted wardrobes make the most of every millimetre of space in your bedroom and use clever design features to give you the most storage space possible.