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A common dilemma with kids bedroom storage is the use of space... 

How do you achieve the perfect balance of clothes and storage furniture? Can you have plenty of storage and still enough floor space for playing? How do you keep their bedrooms tidy whilst ensuring your kids can still find their favourite toys? Perhaps your children tidy their own rooms - can they reach all of the shelves?

There is a lot to consider on behalf of both parent and child to make sure that your kid’s bedroom is optimised for storage and still allows for creative freedom.

Sharps know the rewarding but challenging life that is being a parent and we’d like to try to make this one thing a little simpler. So we have compiled some uncompromising storage ideas for children’s bedrooms using fitted furniture, to show you how you can create up to twice more storage space with beautiful results...

1. Fitted Clothes Storage

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With Sharps bespoke fitted wardrobes, we measure your exact available space, meaning that your wardrobes could run wall to wall and floor to ceiling, or whatever size you need! 


Fitted wardrobes eliminate the chance of a heavy piece of furniture falling over whilst your child is around, and you can store anything you'd rather they didn't reach, like old clothes or baby memorabilia in the higher sections.


With flexispace features, the wardrobe rails can also be height adjusted to make the best use of space for children’s clothes as they grow.

2. Shelving

Put keepsakes out of reach by using bedroom shelving on any free wall space. You can get all kinds of different styles to match your children's bedroom decor and each time you're in their room you can get a lovely reminder of a time when they weren't able to make so much mess.

You could use low-level shelves for toys and books that the kids can get to easily (and help to tidy up!). One of the biggest benefits of shelves is that they don't take up any floor space! So your little one can roll or run around in even the smallest of bedrooms, with their toys and trinkets nestled neatly on their bedroom shelves.

3. Pigeon-hole shelving

Flexispace Main Header Image

Toy storage ideas do not need to boring. Pigeon-hole shelving can act as a toy storage unit, bookcase, plush toy storage, children's shoe storage - whatever you need. 


Pigeon-hole shelving is a versatile kids storage solution that can fit just about anywhere. They can sit on the floor or wall-mounted, be integrated into fitted wardrobes, be fitted into the side of a cabin bed or mid sleeper bed, the list continues.


These storage units don't need doors so eliminate the need for soft close and you could put a blanket over a pigeon-hole shelving unit to create a child-friendly seating bench and hide all the toys within.

4. Sliding-door Wardrobe

The great thing about wardrobes with sliding doors is there are less sharp corners in your child's bedroom for them to hurt themselves on. Having wardrobes with sliding doors adds a novelty factor to your kid's room that they will just love.

You could also double up the sliding doors with mirrors to save wall space for if they're old enough to want to admire their own outfit, or just like making funny faces at themselves. Last but not least, sliding doors are a space-saver! Sliding wardrobe doors give you extra space by not intruding into the room whenever you or your child needs to access the wardrobe. So with Sharps fitted sliding door wardrobes, you get multiple benefits from a single small bedroom storage idea!

5. Cabin-bed with Storage

Cabin Room Retouched (2) (2)

A cabin bed is a bed platform with storage units built in underneath, usually about a meter to a meter and a half off the floor. 


Cabin beds usually have some kind of steps or a ladder and typically the sides are raised so your little ones can’t roll off during the night. Some cabin beds even come with built-in desks!


You can buy cabin beds with or without cupboard doors so you can choose whether to have the contents on display or not. And last but not least, they provide an excellent spot for a game of hide and seek!

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