Maximising space around an extremely awkward slope

Peter and Jo's Story: The Element Range in Light Driftwood & Stone

Peter and Jo Kite moved into a house that lacked storage and featured an extreme slope in their master bedroom. They were keen to invest in fitted wardrobes, and turned to Sharps to solve the problem.

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Moving from a house with plenty of storage to a new build without a wardrobe in sight, Peter and Jo had their minds set on fitted wardrobes.

As well as no storage, their master bedroom featured an extreme slope that gave the room an awkward shape, which they thought would keep them from having their dream wardrobes. Peter recalls: “We saw that Sharps designed fitted wardrobes around awkward angles and thought you’d be able to help”. So, they gave us a call to see what solutions we could come up with.

We paid a visit to Peter and Jo to take a closer look at their master bedroom. And they were delighted with our solutions: “We had a design visit from Sharps and looked into an independent carpenter, but decided to go with Sharps.

Our designer, Rachel, gave us some fantastic ideas for a brilliant price and my wife loved the styles and storage options that Sharps offered”.

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