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Sharps bedrooms have a wide range of fitted bedroom furniture designs; including a selection of classic and modern looks. All of our fitted bedrooms are available in a wide palette of colours and finishes so that you can be sure to find the perfect combination for you.

All Sharps fitted bedrooms are crafted to meet your needs according to style, colour and space. The beauty of our service means we can maximise the potential from even the most awkward shaped rooms. We recognise that each project is different but our priority is to help you effectively utilise the space in your room with a design style you will love.

Browse our wide range of fitted bedrooms and choose a style that suits you. Then talk to our skilled designers about how the furniture can be fitted to suit your room. Finish off your new bedroom with a choice of design options which include bedroom furnishing, fittings and extras.

When the job is complete, your new fitted bedroom won’t just be full of clever storage solutions, it will become a haven that you can’t wait to retire to! Take the first step, and browse the range now.